• Curator 2008:
    Ido Bruno
  • Editing and translation 2018:
    Limor Cohen

The “Blue and White Pages” exhibition was first produced in cooperation with the Israel Museum in 2008.

In honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary and the shift in the focus of the Israel State Archives to a digital format, we present the exhibition in digital form. We have added documents and files that have not been published to date and give a broader picture of the symbols of the State of Israel and its important projects.

Among the documents displayed in the exhibition are laws passed by Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, the Declaration of Independence, international agreements, records of government meetings at which fateful decisions were taken, handwritten notes which were discovered by chance and items from the routine business of government ministries. The documents were chosen from the hundreds of millions of documents stored in the archives.

The exhibition is organized by topic, with the headings drawn from the original text of the Declaration of Independence – the vision for the State set down in writing. Naturally, there is an emphasis on the country’s formative early years, during which various legal and organizational frameworks were established and its path began to be paved.

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