• Edited by:
    Louise Fischer
  • Published:
    January 2021
  • Photograph:
    Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, Ambassador Abba Eban and MK David Hacohen raising the Israeli flag outside UN headquarters, 12 May 1949. Moshe Sharett Heritage Society

The Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel” series, 1947-1960

How were fateful decisions on the establishment of the state, on going to war and signing peace agreements, made by Israel’s leaders? How did Israel’s “special relations” with the United States and the severance of relations with the Soviet Union,  its ties with developing countries in Asia and Africa and the tangle of relations with the United Nations come about?

Answers to these questions and many more can be found in the documents  in the first series of volumes on Israel’s foreign policy, published since 1979 by the Israel State Archives. The books have now been scanned in the form of files in the archives and are accessible to all on this website.

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