The Prime Minister’s Office – Israel State Archives (Hereinafter ‘”the Ministry” or “The Archives”) offers the information through this website (Hereinafter “the Service”) subject to the following conditions. The term “User” refers to any person who contacts the service, including the “Licensed User” as described below. This website is operated and maintained by the Ministry. The items that appear on this website – including photographs, texts, film clips, etc. – are protected by copyright that belong to the Ministry or to third parties. All the copyrights are reserved to their owners. The items may not be copied or used in any manner, unless it is done according to the conditions of the permit detailed below or by law (for example, items whose copyrights have expired by law; fair use; etc.).

Summary of the permit, presented for the convenience of the user and subject to the complete terms of use:

This permit applies to still photographs, videos, audios and documents (Hereinafter “documents”) that are on the website, and for which the full copyrights belong to the Ministry. One can identify the document for which the copyrights fully belong to the Ministry for they are unmarked. A document in which the copyright belongs to a third party, this fact will be explicitly stated.

You may:

  • Use any document that is unmarked without charge for any purpose including commercial use under the following conditions:
  • It is permitted to copy, distribute, display and send such a document without charge;
  • It is permitted to make technical changes in such a document in order to adapt it for usage in any other media or format.

You must:

  • Indicate next to the document the name of the creator or the photographer in case identified and the name of the Israel State Archive.

You are forbidden:

  • To change the document or to use it in any manner that is prejudicial to the honour or reputation of the State of Israel, the Israel State Archive, or the creator;
  • To create derivative works or provide secondary permits for the photo (except for that which is permitted by the conditions of the abovementioned permit or by law)
  1. Definitions
    1. “The issuer of the permit” is the Ministry.
    2. “The creator” is the person who created the document.
    3. “The document” is a still photograph, videos, audios or any other document that is protected by copyrights and which is offered for usage according to the conditions of this permit.
    4. “The user” is the person who uses the document according to the terms of this permit and who has not previously violated the terms of this permit.
  2. General
    1. The Ministry hereby offers the public a permit to use the documents in this website and whose copyrights fully belong to the Ministry, according to the terms stipulated below.
    2. It must be emphasized that the Ministry does not own the copyrights to all documents that appear on the website, and that this permit is therefore issued only for those documents for which the Ministry does have the full copyrights. Such documents will be unmarked.
    3. The documents mentioned in paragraph B.2 are offered for usage subject to the conditions of this permit (Hereinafter, “the permit”). By acting in accordance with this permit, the user accepts the conditions of the permit and agrees to them. The permit grants the user permission, as described, in keeping with the user’s agreement to these conditions.
  3. Granting of the permit

Subject to the terms of this permit, the permit grants the user global permission, without royalties, without exclusivity, and without limitation in time or purpose, except for commercial use, to use the documents in paragraph B.2 according to the following conditions:

  1. Copying the document, distributing copies of it, communicating it to the public, making it available to the public and broadcasting it in any manner or format, and making technical changes in the document, as needed in order to making it feasible for use in any necessary media or format – are permitted.
  2. Creating a derivative work of the document, especially a distortion or mutilation of the work or taking any other action that is otherwise prejudicial to the honour or reputation of the author or director the photographer or the issuer of the permit – are forbidden.
  3. Issuance of secondary permits – is forbidden.
  4. In any usage of the document the user must indicate the name of the creator and the name of the Ministry which owns the website in which the document appears.
  5. To remove any doubt, the permit to use the aforementioned documents does not include those documents whose copyright belong to third parties. Any usage of such documents, which are marked or, mentioned by any name is subject to the user receiving the approval of the third party copyright owner.
  6. To clarify, the permit does not necessarily encompass also the moral right to the document, which belongs to the creator. In those cases where there is a fear of harming the moral right of the creator, the user must turn to the creator and receive his agreement for the intended usage.
  7. This permit does not enable, allow or approve an action which would constitute a tort or a violation of the instructions of any legislation, including the Law for the Protection of Privacy 1981.
  8. This permit does not obligate the Ministry to upload to the website documents, some of which or all of which it has in its possession.
  9. The permit is given in regards to documents that appear “as is” in the website, including their resolution in the website. The permit does not obligate the Ministry to upload the document to the website in any other form, including a different format or resolution, or to provide the photo in any other manner, including a format or resolution that is different from those in the website.
  10. Any question regarding the extent of permitted usage and/or request to use the photo in a manner that is not permitted according to the terms of this permit – should be sent to the Ministry’s e-mail in order to receive its agreement in writing.
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. Additional conditions pertaining to the agreement of the aforesaid permit:
    1. A party to this permit will not be considered as having made a concession regarding the conditions of this permit or having agreed to a violation of one of its condition, except if the concession or agreement was done in writing and the party will have signed it. This would be done in advance coordination with the Legal Advisor of the Ministry.
    2. This permit constitutes the full agreement between parties concerning the work in question. There are no understandings, agreements or permits other than those stipulated above. The issuer of the permit will not be subject to additional conditions, which are liable to appear in any announcement by the user. Any change in the conditions of this permit is not valid, unless it was done in writing in joint agreement between the issuer of the permit and the user.
  1. Expiration of the permit

This permit and the rights granted by it will expire immediately if there is a violation of the conditions of the permit by the user.

  1. Display, responsibility, and withholding of responsibility
  1. The permit, as mentioned in section C, is offered to the public “as is”. Usage of the documents according to the permit is solely the user’s responsibility.
  2. The Ministry reserves for itself the right to change the terms of the permit at any time. In the event of a change in the terms of the permit, it would apply immediately from that point thereon, i.e., it would not apply to changes made prior to that point.
  3. The Ministry reserves for itself the right to remove material from the website at any time.
  4. The Ministry will not bear responsibility for adapting the permit and/or documents to the needs of the user.
  5. The Ministry will not bear responsibility for changes made in the document by the user or by any third party.
  6. The Ministry will not bear responsibility towards a third party deriving from the use of the permit or usage in the website.
  7. The Ministry will not bear responsibility for damage to the user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of the usage in the website, including the downloading of documents according to the terms of the permit, damage that would be caused due to usage of computer program applications that were downloaded directly or that were operated as a result of usage in the website and internet applications (such as Active-X, JavaScript).
  1. Privacy
    1. Follow-up maintenance and management on the site is collected. The information is collected for purpose of detection the most requested or less requested information; detection technical detects in site structure and testing system performance. This collection done using “Cookies” and through the ongoing collection of “Hits” in the site
    2. “Cookies” are pieces of information that come from a web server and are written in a browser. They are usually used to create continuity between the user and the server, and are used to collect the data. The cookie mechanism can be controlled from the browser, and the user is not required to provide any information to enter and surf the site. The user may at any time cancel the use of cookies and control the flow of information in cookies.
    3. The information collected during the operation of the site is not used identify the identity of the user and or any other use that harms the privacy of the individual, and the information is intended for the purposes mentioned above only.
  2. Official publications of the State of Israel – in the event that a contradiction or non-compliance between the material published in the website and material that appears in writing in the official publications of the State of Israel, only the material in the official publications will be considered to be valid.